Welcome to the website of the non-profit organisation Club Antonin Artaud.
Club Antonin Artaud was founded in 1962 at the initiative of a group of patients hoping
to find an alternative to psychiatric hospitalisation.There are three ways in which Club Antonin Artaud is different:
     1. From the beginning, artists were associated with the Club, and have always remained so. Art as a way of connecting with oneself and with the world is the guiding principle of the support available (see heading on “texts and publications”)
     2. The club is also highly flexible: a great many different workshops are available
at Club Antonin Artaud. Participation can be customised and adapted in accordance
with the psychosocial rehabilitation plans of each individual.
     3. Finally, the institutional life of Club Antonin Artaud is organised around the whole. Round tables take place regularly, at which participants can take an active part in the life of the institution and experience diverse encounters.
Club Antonin Artaud has an official status as a Centre de Jour (day centre) and is intended for all adults who suffer from psychological difficulties and are endeavouring
to recover a lifestyle, connections and an active and more independent place in society. Club Antonin Artaud is open to all cultures and individuals further to an application process. Applications and the day-to-day life of the organisation take place in French.